The SmirkinGoat Farm house!

A picture of our farm house

This is our "farmhouse". It was in pretty rough shape when we bought it. The house had not been occupied for a while before us, the bank foreclosed on the former owners. From the looks of it, the house was not well maintained for a time before that. At any rate, the former owners took everything that they could with them - even if it happened to be attached to the house at the time. I don't know what happened to cause that sad circumstance, I can only hope that the people are doing better now.

Our plan for the house involved some major renovations in the short term, then a long period (5 years) of other renovations. We did this so that we didn't overextend our finances - renovations are expensive! The short term items were contracted out, the long term ones we are doing ourselves. At this point, we are a little more than 1/2 way through the long term items..

So far, we have:
Had the roof on the house and garage replaced.
Had the kitchen renovated, including tearing it down to the studs and moving some walls.
Totally renovated the upstairs bathroom.
Totally renovated the front entry way. Prior to us, the front door opened into the middle of a hallway. We blew out the back wall of the hallway, sealed up the right side (went into the dining room), and created an entry foyer.
Installed a wood floor (Brazilian Cherry) in the master bedroom.
Replaced the carpet in the downstairs room with vinyl flooring - we had water issues, and the carpet was a bad idea.
Fixed water issues with the downstairs.
Replaced almost all of the outside windows.
Replaced all the sliding glass doors.
Replaced all the entry doors.
Had a pump installed in the well.
Installed a water treatment system.
Had the house practically rewired.
Replaced/modified a lot of the plumbing.

And those are only the larger projects...