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A picture of our smirking goat
01/12/2013 Important Note: we are still updating the site, but have made some progress.
Please forgive any broken links/pictures or other issues in the meantime.
7/03/2013 Lilly (mini pot belly pig) had an unexpected litter! These will be for sale (as pets) in the fall
6/15/2013 Started making goat milk soap for fall sale
11/28/2012 Got some mini pot-belly pigs
07/15/2011 Sold: Percy, Racer, Whiskey, Guiness, Clover. Bought: Mimosa (doe), Sebastian (buck)
04/01/2011 Zoe has given birth: 1 male & 1 female!
03/17/2011 Vanilla has given birth, 2 healthy male goats!
03/02/2011 The frogs are peepin, spring is near!

Goat Milk Soap Goat Milk Soap Goat Milk Soap Goat Milk Soap Goat Milk Soap

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